fast and efficient, our digital maintenance report

Fast and efficient
The digital maintenance report

At the heart of maintaining your valves is our speed and efficiency, because short downtime minimizes your losses and improves your performance. That’s why our service is getting smart. Thanks to our mobile webapp, the most important information on all your valves is available at any time and on the go, whether maintenance report, instructions or parts list. We know your valves like the back of our hand – and make these valuable lifetime files on your valves visible to you.

Functions of the digital
maintenance report

In the digital maintenance report, all your valves are cataloged, easy to find, and constantly updated with the latest information, reports, and documents. This gives you an overview of the condition and availability of your valves at any time.

The functions at a glance:

  • Dashboard for a quick overview of the condition of the valves, such as recent work, maintenance or technical difficulties
  • Dates for planned maintenance
  • Downtimes for a better overview of the efficiency of the plants
  • Information on maintenance, such as recommended maintenance intervals and reports on the last maintenance work performed
  • Photos and notes documenting the condition of the equipment
  • Qr code for quick identification of each individual valve
  • Drawings, parts lists and other documents for quick identification of problem causes and necessary spare parts
  • Acceptance certificates to document the functionality of the valves

Digital maintenance report
Your advantages

  • Your maintenance appointments run more efficiently and quickly. As a result, we optimize downtimes.
  • In the digital “medical record” of your valves, you can see their condition and availability at any time.
  • You can access all documents and reports on your valves from any location and at any time.
  • As a webapp, the digital maintenance report is available for all mobile devices.
  • Complex things made simple: the maintenance of the various valves in your plant is a highly complex task that is clearly presented by the digital maintenance report.

Smart service,
smart production

Innovative technologies and digital processes are the basis of modern production that is always one step ahead of the competition. With our smart service, we ensure that your production processes are characterized by maximum system availability and minimum downtime. If technical difficulties do arise, you can conveniently request our service team via the webapp. The best preventive measure is regular maintenance of your valves. And to ensure that this is not overlooked in the hectic daily routine, the digital maintenance report alerts you in good time when maintenance is due.

Take the reins in your hands: your smartphone becomes a service center that can be reached around the clock. Up-to-date information, quick response and uncomplicated use – that’s the digital service report from NOPA Industriearmaturen.